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Viva La Dirt League

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    If you get awesome new cosmetics you gotta flaunt it right?
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    1. Vikanug

      This is transmog in WOW

    2. LeNuiz

      The fact that none of them did the "praise the sun" pose saddens me. Missed opportunity

    3. Artrysa

      When you've just completed your transmog.

    4. Sylwaindsm

      when you are lvl 999999999999 with best armor in game but acting like lvl 1

    5. Leander AT

      "I'm not your peasant, peasant."

    6. The Big Peowe

      Amazing 😂😂

    7. Gaelian Orkney

      This remembers me years playing Lord of the ring online, waiting at the western gate of Bree ^^

    8. LostAdventurer

      A better way to add to this is to add a chat every time they say things 😂😂😂 gets annoying

    9. Jacob Haley

      It would have been great if a half naked man with a wooden club flipped over kicked their asses lol

    10. Stunna Go ham

      Was this aimed towards for honor? Lol 😂

    11. Eddie


    12. JT Green-Flanigan

      This is implausible. In what century did you play MMO? For a long time no one brags about armor. Everybody is showing off suits from the store,, thongs, swimwear, full body pigs / sharks.

    13. Miko sunstrider

      Glamour is true end game.

    14. Magnus Wilson

      Not going to lie, I used to be that guy.

    15. Gregory Wilson

      Ah #&#$ is that the new.......

    16. NonsensicalVids

      the worst ones are the ones who buy them and act like it was hard to obtain

    17. Emil Hartfelt

      This is why Greg and Bodger usually don't wear armor

    18. Zach Steiner

      This isn’t true to video games. He’s just posing, not teabagging a corpse or grinding on someone who is temporarily immobile while getting in their stash.

      1. Zach Steiner

        Oh, and I love it!

    19. Matthew Parker

      I'm surprised Rowan didn't equip the new "shirtless" skin.


      JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure poses in a nutshell

    21. Qryl Mantua

      Idk why but I was expecting them to do JoJo poses

    22. Gábor Dénes

      To be honest, I waited, when a player appears with worse designed armor and defeats both, because their armor is just pretty, but useless :D

    23. LJ Lai

      I was totally expecting them to enter a pvp enabled area to fight then both get absolutely wrecked by a guy playing on his trackpad

    24. The High Pineapple

      World of Warcraft in a nutshell

    25. Keanan Connor

      Y’all stole the whats this then from black comedy’ so unreal white peoples

    26. CenturianEagle

      Haha I recognize a lot of lookatme420’s poses from the Arnold encyclopedia bodybuilding book I had, I mean the first pose he did is just the side chest pose that’s in the book too but that’s a common pose I think. But I remember Arnold talked about this one guy in the book (named Ed corney I think) who had amazing posing routines, and he did a lot of the same moves 😆👍

    27. Sean Nemo

      I wonder how many times they’re gonna hump a fence...

    28. Florence00pi

      lookatme420 ... awesome ^^

    29. Melissa Claassen

      This was written by Rowan, for Rowan, I'm sure of it.

    30. Beatrice Perotti

      I see...........Epic Npc Man got himself an Epic upgrade 😎🔥❤

    31. Andrew N

      Rowan's face must hurt after modeling for so long. XD I seem to not be getting notifications for these videos, even though I have that bell ticked to remind me of new content. -_- This has been happening to me lately. the Algorithm is all screwed up.

    32. c u r s e.

      Ahhhhhh, paying Homage to an O'l Timers meme. Glorious.

    33. Tyler Neild

      Rowan can't win because the garlic farm has all the emotes

    34. Fred Pinheiro

      Jojo 😆

    35. Mr Dragon Age

      Adam's girlfriend's armour was much better than of these two peasants'. Unfortunately he lost it and now he is simply bitter about it to everyone.

    36. Just No

      You keep not caring until you become one yourself 😂

    37. Brosquito

    38. Brosquito

      I feel like you stole this

    39. onxiaftw

      basicaly the idea of dressing up in its core

    40. mysticxiii


    41. Gyanesh Singh

      *P O E S E A N T !*

    42. Dohvakiin

      in dragon ball xenoverse 1 - 2 have pose and i always pose

    43. Dohvakiin

      im a poser too and its recommended when i play skyrim alduin is near i just pose there all day long like you know

    44. Qui-Gon Jinn


    45. Jordi Bruynseels

      i really like 0:13 to 0:17

    46. Gallant Steel 騎士

      MHW Veterans posing and not carving after a quest make me want to hack their account and delete their saves.

    47. Herb Derbler

      Wow, how cool is it you guys actually managed to get Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson for this video.

    48. -ポーションくれ-gimmepotion

      this is why in-game real money skins never goes away.

    49. medexamtoolsdotcom

      I was really hoping that Mr. Stompy would just stomp them, maybe punch them, steal their stuff and suddenly they'd both find themselves naked, and saying "wha what? What did you just do?!"

    50. Noah Sly

      Dark Souls 101

    51. Antigoust

      Plot twist: they're both stand users.

    52. Crunchy Potato

      The moment they started calling each other "peasant" instantly reminded me of that one scene in Magium book 2... Yes, I just made a reference only nerds can understand.

    53. Ben Apaya

      I love how He says oh heey in a whisper and romantic way

    54. TheShamansQuestion

      It was only a matter of time before "I'm a mawdel!" made it to Epic NPC Man

    55. Williamson Robert

      What game is this

    56. Tolkien Lover

      *_Whæt år€ ¥0û Døīñg œñ m¥ ©œrñär, ¶€∆$∆NT?_*

    57. NotABot55

      Not in an MMORPG, but I'll leave two hints: The Queen's Ball and the Forbidden Feast. That is all.

    58. Johnny Wednesday

      I think "peasant" said with a french accent, to one up the word when pronounced normally? will make me laugh for the next several years.


      Showing off will get you killed Cosmetics are stupid unless it's free

    60. Yuuup

      I mean, that's some pretty good looking armour.

    61. S.A.M.

      0:13 My goodness, the BOUNCE.

    62. TwinBerettas

      I am begging you to PLEASE bring these two back in a future vid. I was dying. The voices, the faces, the poses. I just can't. Amazing.

    63. ZirconWolf

      D2 in the tower

    64. death endz

      What's this then slu.... peasant

    65. Cheikh bethio

      I was waiting for a Jojo pose

      1. TheViceKing1

        Me too 😂

    66. Archlight535

      All that vanity just to hide their +1 armor

    67. asagiri gen

      Aye its commando91 i remember him killing me with a mace to my face

    68. The Hero Brother of Might Guy

      Pso2 moment

    69. John Mcguinness

      Just reminds me of the "whats this then slut" joke from black comedy lol

      1. yee yeet

        That's gotta be what it's from aye 😂

    70. Neo Strife

      Is that Jojo posing?

    71. TheFordTube

      As soon as this started I knew they were paying tribute to the legendary skit by Black Comedy. NZ group as well

    72. Nico Ian Perillo

      00:13 pretty good armor physics too

    73. HeavyMayo

      This is the Gamer version of Tiddas "Can't even" 😂😂😂

    74. Cody Phillips

      Whenever I see someone wearing cool cosmetics I go see how much they spent on it so I can laugh at them.

    75. Daniel

      its a nice day for posing ain't it, peasant?

    76. big_ugly _builder

      I coul watch 0:15 all day

    77. Hawke

      Somehow reminds of Bayonetta. Nice.

    78. Coffin Beard

      "I'm a modahl!"

    79. jαn ᏒīᏦ

      Name of the game pls? Haha

    80. Elyssa Caouette

      Thats albion

    81. Hugo Simon

      That French accent is killing me, and I'm French

    82. Ahmad Tabiekh


    83. seth hardy

      Aw yes. Its guild wars 2 all over it. I've also beat people that buy for cosmetics and legendary items instead of grinding them. By the two things that happened when you have lv 500 smithy, master all the sectors. When you walk they'll be a trail of your footsteps thatll be lit up. Nex thing is that you'll have a star on the left side of your name.

    84. Va neela


    85. Péter Nagy

      Did you know that Rowan is a model btw?

    86. elfivia eririe


    87. MB FUN

      Who ever sys pesont automatically wins the fashon souls.

    88. Mr. Fang

      Well what's this then peasant?

    89. Eeyore HeeHaw

      Where'd you get that armor? Me: ESO crown store... 😅

    90. Diamond Ninja4

      What's even worse is that they probably paid $30 for thay armor. Microtransactions making cosmetics mean nothing...

    91. sabre x51

      I smell pvp 😂

    92. Danny VRaddict

      Nice and fun guys a lot fun 😂

    93. The Blaziken



      PEASANT !!!

    95. Hudson 1993

      VLDL is the new Monty Python

    96. Человек - камень

      Their's armor is really beautiful, btw! The black&gold one is the best!!!

    97. aaron laymon

      I need more peasant duo in my life now 😂 imagine if the muggers ran into them

    98. aaron laymon

      I want Alan’s armor

    99. K B

      is that post malone?

    100. TheJECNova

      ...Can we talk about for a moment, that knowing via earlier videos, that would basically be the "PvP" zone... And some patchwork player would liable come along and stomp both just to shut them up? Lol. ("Nice Gear/Equipment, shame you don't know how use it...")