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  1. Random Argument

    There actually is in WoW one town south from Stormwind that is completely opposite from town near Stormwind, twisted. And there was once a Stormwind like twisted city all burning and full of undead.

  2. ——————[•__•]

    The kill feed is always hilarious

  3. DtG S

    0:47 HELLO THERE!

  4. Spartan 11


  5. Kuzka

    "Smells worse over here than a dozen rotten eggs dropped in a vat of vinegar."

  6. Faith Crisis

    I'm so happy to see anti-Eugene is doing well, his family... not so much

  7. Exocentric

    Evening! Terrible evening for fishing, ain’t it not? HAH-UH!

  8. Artrysa

    When you've just completed your transmog.

  9. Tomáš Kubalak

    Was expecting a video where you kill the main antagonist and then you find out that you accidently killed his twin and that you are far from finishing the game

  10. Thyme4Coffee

    Nice day for fishin aint it?! tongue flapping nipple twisting

  11. Isaiah Rose

    HAHAHAH! Not what I was expecting, love it!

  12. Nicholas Nameless

    That Darkwood is a perfect capture of 90s rpg atmosphere of cursed villages, made me want to play them again!

  13. Midgardson

    That's strange. I've never been addictive on reddit before up to this day. I saw it already but not my cup of tea.

  14. Gwyneth louxies

    What about the "isolation ep"?

  15. Mark Bauer

    I genuinely hope I have the privilege's of meeting you all one day. I'm a huge fan. Cheers! - Mark, New York City, USA

  16. rondeox23

    I hope you guys develop a game like this

  17. Celia F


  18. Joe O Sullivan

    Not to be a party pooper, but Edge is actually better than Chrome nowadays, at least in my opinion. Besides the fact that it's based on Chrome, Microsoft have actually done a better job of tweaking it than Google does. I've been testing it randomly a few times a year since W10 came out, and about a year ago I could finally use it full time instead of Chrome.. I think Microsoft were just so desperate to finally win the browser war that they just took Chrome and put a little hat on it. But it's a good hat.

  19. Mike Mccaskey


  20. Jeff Fenton

    We NEED more adventures in Darkwood.

  21. Hyper JANK

    I better see a Rodney avatar

  22. mtgcamfan

    rowan used a macbook

  23. What Breaks The Silence

    Anyone else curious about how Adam came up with “PatheticCry.wav” and “SinisterLaughCry.wav” sound bites?

  24. Mohd Zaid

    Rowan just became filthy frank salamander man nyessss

  25. Chopsey27

    i love this channel so much

  26. mtgcamfan

    ill play it on my new mac

  27. محمد احمد عبد القادر محمد

    Wtf the ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Yachirobi

    But Bodger didn't actually have a quest...

  29. Camille Arsenault Brideau

    We finally get to see Darkwood!

  30. AncapFTW

    Is Bodger sleeping with his evil twin?

  31. Ping Pong

    as I was 4, somebody unknown that was much much older as me, tried to cheat me this way. But I didn't gave my toys. Then he punched and hit me and took my toys with the force. My neighbors sat nearby and did nothing

  32. Sylwaindsm

    Video Suggestion: When you are lvl 9999 but worse than lvl 1

  33. Capp00

    Eugene's cry is the best. But then dark Eugene's laugh is awesome!

  34. Jeff Melvin

    More dark wood stories now!!!

  35. Sylwaindsm

    when you are lvl 999999999999 with best armor in game but acting like lvl 1

  36. Neil Quechon

    Evening... nice day for a killing ain't it ? Hu ha

  37. La Table Ronde airsoft

    You did it ! NPC mirror univers !!!!!!!!!!

  38. Nathan Howard

    Why don’t we see Rory anymore

  39. shady O

    Thats what im talkin about 🤣🤣

  40. Hossein Vahabi

    Shit feels like witcher nights in the out😁😁

  41. Emmanuel Buhangin

    It's one of those maps where the devs just used the same location but different texture.

  42. MonkeyLips PoopFlinger

    darkwood is goldshire on a rp server

  43. Mary Ellen Katz

    There was a SEVERE absence of mushroom related horrors in this Darkwood. Though I'm not disappointed.

  44. Panties Bandito

    Y'know, there's a game that I'm currently playing through that's called Darkwood, so I was confused with the title at first thinking it had something to do with the game lol

  45. JohnnyJohnny Johnnyyy

    Episode was good until Adam's evil twin appeared, then it turned into amazing.

  46. TheKillerEmerald

    Just because they aren't right in the mind does not mean that they are evil, they are just......... not right in the mind.

  47. barbedwings

    Adam is amazing. "I need help murdering my family!" Lol

  48. Leander AT

    "I'm not your peasant, peasant."

  49. Dante Uchiha


  50. Matthew Koller

    "...Aha aha ahaaaaaaaa." Best evil twin ever

  51. Xebolous

    The leather worker must work for your local cable company.

  52. matias 1

    At the end only one word “OKAAYY”

  53. Killertree123 Gaming

    Damn, I guess Rowan was actually a model.

  54. arkbuble

    So that means Bodger is the real evil twin that should be casted away to Darkwood but somehow cheated everyone into thinking the leatherworker is the evil one?

  55. Ed Schroedinger

    so, Liam's dark side is actually his Bodger-moments... ...and why didn't Bob jump into something? :D

  56. Writer McWriterlyface

    Huge fan of Eugene's evil twin.

  57. Prlly Trnton

    This is the saddest thing ever.. Terrific acting

  58. MonstersRules

    🤣🤣🤣 Wow I was not expecting that kind of a 360 turn around from Honey Wood and Dark Wood

  59. Sylwaindsm

    this is why you should never use quick save unless you are clearly 100% safe

  60. Denis Volkov


  61. Luke Mckenzie

    I definitely need more Dark Eugene...

  62. renashayda

    Well that went south quick!! 😂

  63. Thomas Blaine

    Awesome awesome video! Delightfully painful!

  64. Leonardo Vargas L.

    I'm one year later. Am I still be able to win the PC? 😂😂😂

  65. camuai

    .... AND there it is. hahaha

  66. Wilesper Tristan Alqueza

    Why didn't they continue this?

  67. Martina Juričková

    So Eugene basically confessed to murdering his own family while being possessed by Darkwood spirit

  68. Daniel 399

    Would you rather be happy for the rest of your life or rich?

  69. Papai Pai

    More darkwood

  70. PeaceLoveSalome

    I love the dark souls series so much

  71. Максим Кузьмин

    Эх, для сравнения, могла бы проползти и девушка 😏

  72. Raven5208

    Didn’t say he had to give them to Rowan though.

  73. Jonathan Nelson

    Wow, Dark Eugene is, well, dark. I don't know what I was expecting, but, wow.

  74. Samuel S.

    What did you use for the rotten meat not actually meat or?

  75. burt591

    I thought the joke was gonna be that Bodger is actually the evil twin

  76. Cbrownthenew 90

    That laugh and cry though 😂😂😂

  77. Killadiator

    i didn't know what to expect, but it definitely wasn't that

  78. Isaac Lord

    and there it is

  79. Michael Gonzales

    Obviously we are going to need more videos with Adam's evil counterpart.

  80. Curtis Schuster